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An international move can be an incredibly stressful and an exciting journey as well. Honestly, it feels good to picture yourself in your new home country. Still, sometimes, you don’t know where to begin, you can feel lost and overwhelmed at the same time. At Global Relocation Compass we handle stress very well and leave you with nothing but the excitement of the relocation. So, if you need a kick start, come and talk to us…

Safe secure

With care and understanding we support in the finalizing everything in your home country and support with a smooth and realistic process to make a host country a place to call home. All concerns will be addressed and taken out of your hands. Start your new adventure with a safe and secure feel, with the whole family as Global Relocation Compass does the navigation for you.


Our support continues. No relocation is the same, this is always adjusted to the current situation and personal needs and preferences. Where there is the possibility and opportunities to organize, adjust and or take a completely different course Global Relocation Compass is always flexible to meet your needs, where it is in our power to do so.

Right partner

Don’t worry, we have all the characteristics and qualities of customer service! We understand that effective, clear communication and coordination are essential in an international relocation process. And we will always go that step further where possible and beneficial for you. But, we stand out because we don’t do all the talking, however above all we listen!

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We are happy to take this off your hands

Global Relocation Compass ensures that all necessary steps are taken at the right time, carefully arranged and will never pass up an opportunity to meet all your additional requests where possible.


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