How nice that you’ve hired that highly skilled migrant!
Now, the most important step remains: actually moving to the Netherlands and building a new life here.

Effective guidance during the pre-relocation phase is crucial, as is post-arrival support once the individual has started working here. The biggest challenge for highly skilled migrants who have just arrived in the Netherlands can vary depending on individual circumstances and perspectives, but the common challenges include:

  • Cultural differences
    Every country has its own way of working, communicating, and interacting with others. This can be confusing and/or overwhelming.
  • Language barrier
    The language barrier can be an obstacle in daily interactions, administrative tasks, and integration.
  • Building a social network
    It takes time to establish a new social life, especially if starting from scratch.
  • Homesickness and isolation
    Especially in the first months after arrival, missing family and friends back home is common.
  • Work culture
    Every country also has its own work culture. Despite the good work-life balance in the Netherlands, adaptation is required for the expat.


To best prepare for the transition to a new country, expectation management plays a significant role. The more the expat (and the Dutch team/company) is informed about all customs, the smoother the integration will be.

We assist you and the new employee in overcoming these obstacles. We lay out all the expectations and discuss them thoroughly with your highly educated talent. This way, they are better prepared for the new adventure in this country.
The likelihood of success increases significantly, also due to the strong bond formed with the new employer.

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