Naturalization is a significant decision and a wonderful step in your life, but it’s essential to understand what the process entails and what to expect.

What is naturalization?
If you are not yet an official citizen of the Netherlands, you can apply for this status through a process called “naturalization.” If you live in the Netherlands and are considering naturalization, it means you want to become a Dutch citizen.

Conditions and requirements
To be eligible for naturalization, you must meet certain conditions, such as having a valid residence permit, residing in the Netherlands for a sufficient number of years, and meeting income requirements. These conditions may vary depending on your situation.

The process
The naturalization process can take several months to over a year, depending on various factors. The application is processed by the municipality (not the Immigration and Naturalization Service), and they will assess whether you may need to take a civic integration exam. This exam assesses your knowledge of the Dutch language and society.

There are fees associated with the naturalization process, covering the administrative processing of your application. Please note that rates may vary by municipality and are subject to change.

Patience and support
Naturalization can sometimes be complex and requires patience. It’s important to know that you can seek support from us or other legal advisors. Be prepared, stay patient, and embrace this process for this significant life decision.

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