Are you on the cusp of the exciting journey to bring an international employee on board for the very first time? Amidst this new adventure, a series of questions and uncertainties are bound to arise.

What are the steps you need to take? When should these steps be completed? Which authorities should be engaged in this process and when? And perhaps most crucially, what obligations must you meet, and what additional considerations are invaluable to address?

Here are a few examples of the uncertainties you might encounter:

  • Work and residence permits
    Which permit suits the situation of your highly skilled talent?
  • Duration of the process
    What process will be followed, and how long does it take? Which documents are essential?
  • Rights and obligations
    Are there specific prerequisites to fulfil before/during/after hiring a knowledge migrant?
  • Salary and conditions
    What criteria must be met? Are there specific educational and/or salary requirements? Which other (secondary) conditions are crucial?
  • Administrative responsibilities
    Which authorities are involved in the process? How complex is it?
  • Housing and integration
    How does integration into society proceed? How can suitable housing be arranged?
  • Return policy
    What responsibilities come into play with (early) termination of the employment?


If these questions are swirling in your mind, rest assured you’re not alone. We understand that attracting international talent can be an exhilarating yet occasionally complex effort.

Allow us, as Global Mobility experts, to guide you through this labyrinth of questions and concerns regarding immigration and relocation processes.
We provide tailored advice that adheres to relevant legislation and offers the most cost-effective approach.

Our support encompasses a range of services. Whether it’s a single service, comprehensive packages, or interim assignments, we’re here to collaboratively design solutions that fit. So you can stride confidently and decisively down this new path.

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