Hiring international talent (highly skilled migrants) is a valuable move for a company seeking specific skills and expertise. During the onboarding process, you may encounter risks. In this blog, we provide you with some tips to safeguard your organization from the key risks.

  • Insufficient candidate research
    Insufficient time (or scheduling) to conduct thorough processes is a common stumbling block. When the recruitment process is rushed, the likelihood of a mismatch increases. For instance, not dedicating enough time to research the background, references, and qualifications. Remember: Haste makes waste.
  • Incomplete applications
    When hiring a non-European employee, a work and residence permit must be applied for. It is crucial that the application is submitted correctly, including all necessary documents and details. If crucial information is missing, the application will face (significant) delays.
  • Legal risks
    Preparation is half the battle in avoiding legal complications and delays. Sufficient time must be allocated to conduct the onboarding process correctly, at a high-quality level, and error-free. Otherwise, mistakes may lead to delays or even a rejection of the highly skilled migrant’s application.
  • Integration difficulties
    Inadequate management of expectations for highly educated international talent or even forgetting to provide proper guidance in the relocation and integration process can result in dissatisfaction, culture shock, and even premature departure. In other words: money and talent down the drain.
  • Reputational damage
    Poorly executed onboarding processes lead to negative publicity and reputational damage. This does not help in attracting new (international) talent.

As you can see, it is essential for employers to proceed with caution when hiring expats/highly skilled migrants, ensuring that all steps are taken carefully and correctly to avoid risks.

We can assist your organization in thoughtfully and systematically navigating the process of hiring highly educated international talent. This will contribute to a successful recruitment and integration of the highly skilled migrant within your company.

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