Congratulations on hiring the highly skilled migrant!
But what are the key considerations to ensure they can work and live in the Netherlands?

This article focuses on a highly skilled migrant with a non-European nationality.
Below some examples of what to consider during the immigration and relocation process:

  • Recognized sponsor
    As an organization, you must be a recognized sponsor by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) to employ highly skilled migrants. This means that the employer must meet specific criteria and obligations and be registered with the IND.
  • Highly skilled migrant or alternative option
    In addition to the regular highly skilled migrant scheme, there are other options available, such as the European Blue Card, Intra-corporate Transferee (ICT), etc. It is advisable to carefully assess which option best suits the specific situation of the expat.
  • Salary and employment conditions
    To qualify for a residence permit as a highly skilled migrant, European Blue Card holder, etc., specific salary requirements must be met, sometimes in combination with the appropriate educational qualifications. It is also important that the employment conditions comply with legal standards and include an appropriate employment contract.
  • Residence permit
    A valid work and residence permit is required to work and live legally in the Netherlands. It is important to meet all the requirements so that the new employee can relocate to the Netherlands promptly.
  • Documentation
    To submit the application for the residence permit to the IND, various documents must be provided as proof. Preparing the correct documentation is essential to avoid delays in the application process.
  • Settling in
    Finally, it is important to provide support for settling in the Netherlands. This may include opening a bank account, activating health insurance, finding accommodation, registering with a general practitioner, and sharing information about Dutch culture, among other things.

If this is one of the first times you are bringing someone to the Netherlands for work, it is advisable to seek professional advice.
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