When you’ve just arrived in the Netherlands, buying your own car may not be feasible yet. Using a shared car is the perfect (temporary) solution, and it’s often cheaper than owning your own car. You only pay for the time and distance you actually drive.

The concept of car sharing has grown significantly in the Netherlands over the past few years. There are now more car sharing providers and users than ever before. The main advantage of car sharing is that it offers flexible use, which means you don’t have to worry about fixed monthly costs like insurance, depreciation, and maintenance that come with owning a car.

Furthermore, shared cars are often available nearby. Additionally, most shared cars are environmentally friendly, equipped with a hybrid or electric motor, emitting less CO2 than regular cars.

In the Netherlands, there are various car sharing providers such as Greenwheels, SnappCar, MyWheels, and Car2Go. The offerings differ in rates, availability, and types of cars. Visit their websites to evaluate which provider best suits your needs as an expat.