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About us

Global Relocation Compass guides you through every aspect of relocation and coordinates the international move step by step. We customize processes that comply with relevant legislation and actively advise on all relocation procedures in the most cost-effective manner.
Of course, we stay up to date on changes in immigration and tax laws.

Our support includes a variety of services. Whether it’s a single service, complete packages, or an interim assignment, we are happy to work with you. Whether you are an employer, employee, or individual, your personal situation is our starting point.

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Introducing ourselves

Alexandra Paulina
Alexandra has been working in the field of “Global Mobility” for over 20 years. This term did not yet exist when she started. The services related to relocation and immigration were still in their infancy.
Alexandra started at Deloitte, where she took her first steps in the field of international transfers. She immediately became hooked. She then gained more experience at various reputable multinationals, such as setting up the immigration department together with a team at Ernst & Young.

Working at multinationals has been a good learning experience, but Alexandra felt the need to give more personal attention to highly skilled migrants and to be more directly involved in the process. She found this space as a freelancer, and thus Global Relocation Compass was born. She found her dream of joining forces with someone who shares the same passion for working in the relocation industry, and has many dreams and ideas about this business, in Saskia. Together, they form the compass for companies when it comes to issues related to immigration, relocation, and HR.
Alexandra specializes in special immigration and HR issues. She dives into these issues to come up with the best results together with the customer.

Saskia Koeckhoven
Saskia has over 7 years of experience in Global Mobility with a focus on recognized sponsorship, payroll and knowledge migrant procedures (IND applications, immigration, 30% ruling, education, relocation). In the early years, she gained her knowledge at a relocation service provider. Alexandra did assignments for this same agency.

Their passion for the work brought the two of them together literally and figuratively, and since 2022, Global Relocation Compass consists of two passionate and experienced Global Mobility specialists.
Their goal? A satisfied and happy client and employee. They do this by proactively providing support in the areas of relocation and immigration.

Do you also want to become a satisfied and happy client?
We would be happy to get to know you to take care of the relocation, immigration and/or HR processes for you.

Why do we have satisfied customers?

  • We focus on the personal approach, whether you are a business customer, employee or private individual. We focus on you and your needs.
  • We know our way through the complex and sometimes confusing procedures, and we like to share our knowledge.
  • We work cost-effective, we respect your budget and your time.
  • We work with experienced and carefully chosen partners.
  • We build on quality and not quantity.
  • We are a small and dedicated company. That is why we are extremely flexible and can work cost-efficiently.
  • We are straightforward, transparent in our communication and therefore easy to follow.
  • We work according to the GDPR regulations and handle personal data in a secure system with the utmost discretion.

Global Relocation Compass finds the coordinates to your new home country…
Please contact us via: or 0031 6 823 80 801.

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Reviews from satisfied expats

Sergio Mesquita

Alexandra was responsible for my relocation within the Netherlands. Without her expertise that would have been impossible.

Joana Valente

Alexandra was always available to answer my questions and helped me throughout the entire process, from house viewings to the signing of the contract. Excellent!

Marios Fotiou

She made the whole process looked much easier than it actually is. Thank u Alex!

Diogo A B Lobo Fernandes

She always went a step further without compromising my preferences. She was quite proactive and dynamic and delivered an outstanding outcome way above my expectations. She is a quite positive and resilient person that never gives up.