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We are your interim relocation and immigration specialist.

Is your organization planning to hire employees from abroad, but lacks knowledge of immigration and relocation services? Or do you not yet have the right processes in place for mobility HR, causing the onboarding process of knowledge migrants/expats to stall? Then we are the right partner for you! With our expertise, the problem is easily solved.

Global Relocation Compass has the solution.

In addition to the “standard” knowledge migrant processes, we can also be deployed on a project basis and handle the job as your global mobility specialist. This can be done remotely, on-site, or in a hybrid form. With our expertise, we can get started immediately, with only needing to get acquainted with your organization.
Thanks to our extensive knowledge of processes, procedures, and quality management, you can confidently delegate the task to us for a worry-free transfer with a satisfied employee and employer.

Global Relocation Compass has years of experience with various situations in immigration and relocation processes and can step in as your temporary global mobility officer. This includes arranging documents and applications, managing the expectations of highly skilled migrants, anticipating changing and disruptive situations (such as with COVID-19), and all other crucial points for a successful transfer to the Netherlands.

Our commitment, expertise, and proactivity guarantee a successful interim assignment.

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Examples of temporary assignments where our expertise has been deployed

Below are some practical examples where our professional assistance has been engaged on a temporary basis:

Large producer of Fragrances and Flavors (Amsterdam area)

This company lacked knowledge of relocation and immigration, despite having dozens of detached highly skilled migrants and expats. The goal of this assignment was to bring peace and order to everything related to immigration and relocation services.

We worked in-house at two different locations on a full-time basis for a period of 2 years, performing the following tasks:

  • Mapped out processes and the number of highly skilled migrants/expats
  • Performed administrative tasks to transfer foreign employees to the company’s payroll
  • Applied for residence permits and extensions for employees (including family members) at the IND
  • Applied for and facilitated the 30% ruling for proper application in the payroll administration
  • Made efficiency and professionalization improvements in the administrative process
  • Provided full-service relocation packages, including matters such as education, housing, registration with the municipality, doctor, health insurance, bank account, language lessons, etc.
  • Coordinated with various departments such as HR, recruitment, financial, and legal departments.
  • Consulted with vice presidents for strategic decisions
  • Facilitated the transfer of employees within the organization to other European countries
  • Drafted the company’s relocation and immigration policies
  • Coordinated with third parties, for example, for the relocation of goods and tax returns

Owner/manager of high-voltage cables (Arnhem)

This company employed many highly skilled migrants, who were both recruited internationally and transferred within the company to other European countries. The goal of this three-month assignment was to provide internal support to the Rewards & Benefit department, and to create peace of mind and clarity in all European and Asian activities related to immigration and relocation services.

We worked full-time on-site and provided the following services for this client:

  • Mapped out global processes and the number of highly skilled migrants/expats
  • Identified and created appropriate policies for the current posted workers in the Netherlands and Germany, which were rolled out throughout the organization
  • Rewrote and developed new processes, which were implemented and coordinated
  • Responsible for salary evaluation, compensation benchmarking, pensions, employment relationships, strategy and policy
  • Made efficiency and professionalization improvements to the overall process
  • Served as a contact and connection point for various departments such as HR, recruitment, payroll, operations, and talent acquisition
  • Advised management on internal and external developments
  • Coordinated with third parties for tasks such as moving goods and hiring third-party experts for immigration/relocation

To ensure a worry-free relocation for highly skilled migrants, their partners, and/or children, preparation is key. This involves learning about the customs and practices of the Netherlands, the local population, what the local area looks like, differences/similarities between the new country and their current country, and the cost of living, among other things.

If you would like more information about what a highly skilled migrant is and what the requirements are for hiring one, please refer to our Dutch page “Wat is een kennismigrant”

Interim relocation

Market leader in navigation applications (Amsterdam)

Within this company, we were part of an existing team. This assignment was carried out full-time over a period of 6 months. Below is an overview of the activities:

  • Mapped out processes and the number of highly skilled migrants/expats
  • Coordinated and managed external parties for residence permits and extensions for employees (including family members)
  • Made efficiency and professionalization improvements in partner and policy areas
  • Coordinated full relocation packages to the Netherlands with third parties
  • Collaborated with different departments such as HRBP, recruitment, and tax
  • Rewrote company policies related to relocation and immigration

Provided extra support for companies in different industries 

  • Handled applications for residence permits and extensions for highly skilled talents (including family members)
  • Provided full-service relocation services such as schooling, 30% ruling, registration with the municipality, finding a doctor, housing, health insurance, bank account, language lessons, and more
  • Provided advice on how to work more efficiently and professionally in the area of relocation and immigration
  • Handled all other global mobility activities.

In short, you can confidently entrust us with your interim assignment for a successful outcome. Enjoy our expertise, problem-solving abilities, and swift response in the field of relocation and immigration, also known as global mobility services. This way, you can continue to focus on other matters. You can reach us at or +31 6 823 80 801