Personal & Reliable

The warning

With the continually increasing rental prices for the last years, finding affordable rental housing, and especially in the major cities, can a bigger challenge than initially have thought. Also, the shortage of rental properties in the private housing market is an even bigger issue.

To obtain a general idea of the current housing market in the Netherlands the search starts with the internet. However, keeping in mind the housing prices and the shortage, it’s only a medium to use for a general idea of what to expect in the host country in difference of the home country. It is not advised to derive any solid information from the internet with limited knowledge of the country and housing market rules and possibilities.

Reason being that many of these websites post unavailable and illegal properties as well. Unfortunately, the stress of finding a suitable home in a short period of time can become so overwhelming that the available illegal properties becomes the must have. With all the consequences with it, such as sudden eviction and financial fines.

Obviously, stress, time pressure and limited budget impacts for a great deal the decision making. Especially for quick saving sometimes shying away to rent through a housing agency and or agent is an easy step to take. An ostensible way to avoid the administration/commission costs involved.

The search

With specific requirements and preferences, it is one of the most time consuming and stressful aspect of the relocation. Let us not forget this is going to be home for a long period of time. That is why we will explain and provide extensive advice on the current local housing market, share specific details about the local area and neighborhood. We discuss the housing links which were previously shared via the MyCompass Portal, as well as your own findings in personal search. And together we will coordinate the house visits.

Whether you are looking for an apartment,3+ bedroom house in the Netherlands , it goes without saying that finding the suitable home is also where Global Relocation Compass can provide significant support and maximize your chances in finding your new home.

House visits

The viewings will be set up on a suitable day and time. All the viewings on the 1st day will accompanied. An accompanied second and/or third day viewing tour can be arranged.

Get that house

Once a house is viewed, you can discuss the options and small details before the choice can be made. We will take the time to address all the small details and possible concerns. Once a choice is made Global Relocation Compass will step up and deliver.

We will immediately start with 

  • the screening & negotiation of the rental contract and,
  • the coordination of the move-in date and,
  • the check of the agreed amendments

On the move-in day we will,

  • conduct the check in such as,
  • the status of the property
  • appliances check
  • plumbing check
  • property pictures – current condition of the property.
  • general maintenance and,

set up your basic facilities 

  • gas & electricity
  • water,
  • cable, telephone & internet connections and, if applicable

cleaning service (optional)

  • We will make sure that you get a good first day/night in your new home.

Temporary housing

Finding a suitable home takes time. Therefore, depending on your situation staying at a temporary accommodation for a short period of time, can be a good alternative. Ideal to buy yourself some time to search at an easier pace. Getting to know your local area, extend your new network, and find your way in general before making any decisions.