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The school search

Another important part of the relocation is the education for kids, finding the right school becomes a priority in the relocation process. There are some important questions that require in depth knowledge and information on the educational system. It is particularly important that kids can adapt seamless to the education level and maintain their current home country progress. Let us not forget, the relocation has an impact on them as well.

Therefore, we put a lot of effort in to finding a suitable school for children. We take an interest in the education levels so we can advise on the best suitable school. Next to the above we provide information on application procedures and schooling costs. We will inform you on how the general education work in the Netherlands. We provide information on our international schools.

Child Care

Taking care of a baby is a big responsibility. Therefore, a childcare facility that suits your preferences is extremely important. So, we conduct thorough analysis of the specific situation of your need, and research the area for suitable schools/daycare facilities. On top of that we will inform you on the child benefits which are applicable to you.

The school search