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One of the things people do to feel at home is to bring a long some personal items from home. This can have a significant impact on your new surroundings to make it feel more like home. And with the options available to you regarding the import of household goods into the Netherlands, you can feel at home very quickly in the host country. Global Relocation Compass, partners with moving companies and/or your preferred supplier for quotes, advice about quotes and coordinate the removal.

The Non-EU household goods and belongings

We wish we could tell that the move of household goods is a very straightforward process. If you wish to import your household goods to the Netherlands from a Non-EU country you need to understand what the implications are. Import duties, what to declare with customs?  This also another piece of the relocation that is quite stressful.

Good news, all of this is done by one of the carefully selected move partners. The selected removal company can deal with all the details regarding tax, exemption for import duties, the required permit at the correct Customs office, submision of a list goods to the Netherlands, quantity free of tax goods. Goods excluded from exemption such as, products containing alcohol, or tobacco, commercial vehicles, and non-portable materials for professional use.

Upon arrival, the import declaration, clearance by customs will be taken care off. We partner with our move partners to ensure that the required registration at the local town hall is provided on time.

In principle within the EU, there is no restrictions for movement of goods. However, the standard customs specific rules do apply,  such as alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.

The four-legged family member(pets)

Depending on the kind of animal you want to bring in and the country it is coming from, The Netherlands is very welcoming to fury family members. However, keep in mind there are strict rules relating to bringing pets into the country, particularly around proving they are healthy and are transported appropriately.

Global relocation Compass takes care of your family, and we mean every member of the family…