Loneliness is not being able to find the connection with other people, a feeling that anyone can suffer from. Loneliness is not the same as being alone. Being alone is a fact of life. Loneliness is a feeling of not connecting with others. It is about having confidence and daring to share things.

Expats can feel very lonely when they have just moved to a new country because they don’t have family and friends nearby.

Loneliness roughly consists of two different forms: social loneliness and emotional loneliness.

In the first form, you have less contact than desired with loved ones, such as friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances with the same interests.

In the second form, there is a lack of a close bond, that is, the establishment of qualitative and intimate relationships with partner/boyfriend/girlfriend.

Do you feel lonely?

One way of dealing with the feeling of loneliness is to become active. It also helps to challenge depression and negative thoughts.

Finding the connection with yourself and others also contributes to feeling less lonely. For example, you can connect through a sport activity, a club, etc.

If you need to take it a step further, wherever you are in the world, please reach out to a psychologist: