Tomorrow is the election day for the Provincial States. But what does that mean?
In each province, citizens are represented in the Provincial States government. These elections take place every four years, and this year it is on March 15th.

Importance of Provincial States
The Provincial States govern the province in collaboration with the Provincial Executive and the King’s Commissioner. The province is responsible for infrastructure, environment, culture, and regional economy. The policies of the province are determined and controlled by the Provincial States. The implementation of the policies is done by the Provincial Executive.
Furthermore, the members of the Senate are elected by the Provincial States. The Senate election usually takes place 3 months after the Provincial States election.

The candidates who run for election must reside in the province where the election takes place. The number of members of the Provincial States depends on the population of a province, making the ratio as fair as possible.

The national politics consider the Provincial States elections as an important first indicator of the preferences of the voters for the new House of Representatives and the new cabinet. You can cast your vote if you have the Dutch nationality, are 18 years or older, and are not excluded from voting.

So, use your voting right tomorrow in your province!