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Tax Compass

With all the numerous possible tax deductions in the Netherlands, the complexity of the Dutch tax system increases. Global Relocation Compass will assist and guide you step by step.

The Dutch taxation is either based on residential and or related to types of income. In a nutshell; A Dutch resident is usually taxable for worldwide income and a non-resident is taxable for certain types of income. The Dutch tax system is a graded tax system, where the tax percentage in the grade depends on the height of your income.

Filing the tax return takes place before May 1 of each year, which means report the income from the previous year. Most of the time a personal request will be send out for filing a tax return, that can be submitted online. To make use of the online possibility you will require a DigiD.

However, when multiple tax jurisdictions require consideration to benefit, it can become more complicated to file your tax return. When dealing with tax positions and social security entitlements and or residency status it comes down expertise and experience.  From the corporate point of view the tax position of your employee is a responsibility that requires some knowledge.

A review of a Dutch tax and social security position taking into account all the applicable context, will help not only to understand the correct and best structure, but it will also provide the possible/applicable benefits in a personal situation and ensure compliance with the tax law. Even our entrepreneurial clients can be sure of support and advice from expertise.

Tax Compass

At Global Relocation Compass we have the expertise to guide and support any party with the following;

  • Review tax and social security positions and implications 
  • Review income tax assessments and file appeals if necessary
  • Preparation and e-filing;
    • personal Dutch income tax return
    • individual income tax returns
    • partnership returns
    • corporate income tax returns
  • Preparation of request for a provisional Dutch tax liability notice
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • Prepare tax equalization calculations and total cost projections
  • Prepare and file A-1 statement / Certificates of Coverage
  • 30% ruling request applications
  • Liaise with the Dutch Tax Authorities on your behalf
  • Request preliminary income tax refunds
  • Administration and annual accounts
  • Coordinate foreign income tax returns
  • Entry and exit meetings

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