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The Municipality Registration & BSN

The BSN number is automatically issued after the town hall registration. Well, you will receive this unique and personal registration number when the standard registration procedure at the municipality in the city of residence is followed. This is required to receive a salary, the applicable benefits, opening a bank account and taking out a health insurance. And any interaction with the Dutch authorities. This is an especially important step in the relocation process. A BSN number is a frequent requested way of identification. The registration must be done in person.Depending on the standard work process at the town hall, it will be issued immediately or after a couple days.

The RNI (Register Non-Inhabitants)

This is when in certain situations the possibility to obtain a BSN number at the Municipality is not always applicable, however still required. For example, when a stay is less than 4 months, an BSN can be applied for at one of the authorized 19 municipalities for registration in the Register Non Inhabitants (RNI). However, when a stay is extended, a change of registration at the town hall from non-resident to the status of long-stay-resident is required.

What is the worst that can happen?

Let’s see, it sounds more ominous than it is, once a BSN is obtained all is well. Well, apart from the major disadvantage and the unnecessary administration work for several parties. Which can lead to mistakes where this should and could have been avoided.
For example, the employer’s obligation to establish the identity of the employee based on the original identity* document applies. If, an employee cannot be identified in a timely manner, this can lead to an application of the so-called anonymous rate (e.g. a payroll tax deduction at a fixed rate of 52%). Benefitting from the 30% ruling will have to wait, after all an organization is required to verify that you and the BSN belong together. Other personal disadvantages are insurances and other several benefits cannot be applied for.

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