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Is possible to extend when it’s required?

Where an application for an extension of the current permits is required and which procedure should be followed depends on the current personal situation and status.

If an application for a permit extension is required and no significant changes have taken place in the residential situation, or status, an extension can be requested. The appropriate considerations can be used to determine which procedure should be followed. The most common extensions that we regularly see are for ICT and/or HSM within the company.

Intra Corporate Transferees (ICT)

For ICT acquirers who have been living and working in the Netherlands (EU) for almost 3 years, the possibility is possible to change their residence purpose to a Highly Skilled Migrant status. If an application has been submitted, you will continue to work and live in the Netherlands, pending this decision (approx. 3 months). However, as we have already said, some considerations need to be made. Although we always highly recommend submitting an application on time, a current residence permit may expire during the application period, which may create restrictions on the freedom to travel in and to the Schengen countries, including the Netherlands. As far as nationality is concerned, some action must be taken to obtain a good and appropriate visa.

ICT license is for the duration of 3 years (assignee) and/or 1 year (trainees).

Highly Skilled Migrant

Knowledge of migrants – an extension must be submitted to the IND three months before the expiration date of the residence permit. Please note that the application must be registered with the IND no later than 1 day before the expiry date of the permit. The same action is recommended if assignment is extended. Also, during this process while waiting for your new residence permit, some travel restrictions may apply within the Schengen area and the Netherlands. We recommend a check on whether a return visa and/or Schengen visa is required.

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