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Independent Entrepreneur

With a strict 30 points assessment foreigners are able to establish themselves as an independent entrepreneur in the Netherlands. The application is done with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service, however The Ministry of Economic Affairs (RVO) assesses the application and gives its advice first to the IND. The application procedure can take up to three months.

The assessment is subject to a strict 3 categorical point system for which a minimum has to be reached for each category from a possible 100 points per category. A higher education, experience with the Netherlands, a founded financial base and capital investment can have a significant impact on gathering these points. An additional plus is that if at least 45 points are reached for the two categories ‘personal experience’ and ‘business plan’ a residence permit may also be issued.

The categories are as follows

  • Personal experience
  • Business plan
  • Added value for the Netherlands

Although the categories seem easy, there is a significant amount documentation required to support the application. This is a time-consuming process that requires an accurate documentation.

For American and Japanese entrepreneurs, the requirements are based on the Dutch American Friendship Treaty and the Japanese Trade Treaty. The possibility to claim for a residence permit within the existing friendship treaties can be done with a financial prognosis prepared by an accountant with a BECONnumber amongst others. A capital investment of €4,500 and an opening balance, and a registration with the Chamber of Commerce are also a requirement.

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