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The Highly Skilled Migrant

Then you are in luck if you meet the conditions, and it comes with some additional benefits as well. For instance, exemption from language-learning requirements for immigrants, eligible for the 30% ruling, your family members can also obtain a permit. Depending on on your nationality the visa requirements can be determined and a TB test may applicable.

If the employer or business is a recognised sponsor, will be responsible for the highly skilled migrant application. This can be done prior to arrival of the employee in the Netherlands. There are a number of conditions that are relevant to such an application. Thinking of nationality, salary, recruited from abroad and specific, in-demand skills for the job.

Keep in mind that the residence permit is connected to the employment contract. If the employment contract is terminated, the right to the residence permit stops immediately if the permit is no longer valid. In case of a valid residence permit, there is a grace period of 3 months in which a new job can be obtained. However, the new role and employer must also meet the requirements of the highly skilled procedure.

Salary criteria 2022

Highly Skilled Migrants 30 years and older € 4.840 gross per month excluding 8% holiday pay
Highly Skilled Migrants under 30 € 3.549 gross per month excluding 8% holiday pay
Salary criterion after an orientation year/ within 3 years after graduation from a Dutch university/after carrying out scientific research/after obtaining a master’s or postmaster’s degree programme (of PhD) at a designated international educational institution € 2.543 gross per month excluding 8% holiday pay

What is or is not included in the salary criterion?

The reimbursements of expenses and fixed allowances (such as a thirteenth month) are taken into account in the salary criterion. The fees and allowances agreed in the contract and transferred each month to a bank account in the name of the highly skilled migrant.

The wage elements such as holiday pay, any payment of wages in kind, non-regular wage elements (e.g. overtime allowances, tips and payments from funds) are not included in the salary criterion.

Good to know that if the conditions for the orientation year are met, the reduced salary criterion applies. Also within 3 years of the graduation date, the date on which the PhD is awarded, from the date on which the residence permit for scientific research expires, the residence permit for the employment as a highly skilled migrant can be applied for. So even if you have never had a residence permit for the orientation year, but do meet the conditions for this purpose of residence, the reduced salary criterion also applies.

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