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Living together with partner/parent(s)

The residence permit of family members is linked to the residence permit of the knowledge migrant, i.e. your employee. This means that family members are allowed to stay in the Netherlands for as long as their partner/parent is employed by a recognized sponsor with a valid employment contract and residence permit. It is also an important condition that the relationship remains intact.

Additionally, there may be a situation where someone wants to live together with an EU, EEA, or Swiss partner. The special procedure for Assessment of EU Law may be applicable when a non-EU national wants to live with their partner in the Netherlands who is an EU/EEA/Swiss national (not Dutch). With this type of residence permit, you are allowed to reside in the Netherlands as a family member and have the same rights as your partner who is an EU national.

Living with the Dutch Partner

If you do not hold an EU nationality and want to live with your Dutch partner in the Netherlands, you can apply for a residence permit if you are married, have entered into a registered partnership, or are unmarried and live in a long-term and exclusive relationship. If your partner has the age of 21 years or older with an independent sufficient and sustainable income and is willing to declare that he or she is your sponsor than the application for a permit is feasible.

if the below mentioned conditions are also met by you.

  1. 21 years of age or older;
  2. going to live together in the Netherlands;
  3. in possession of a passed civic integration examination abroad or you are exempted from taking this examination.

The Non-EU residence permit for a newborn in NL

When a child is born in the Netherlands and holds a non-EU nationality, a residence permit needs to be applied for. To be able to take the necessary steps for the newborn, you must have lived in the Netherlands (primary residence) since your child’s birth and, hold a valid residence permit since or became a Dutch citizen after the birth of the newborn. Once that part is covered than a newborn need a.

  1. Valid passport;
  2. Birth certificate;
  3. Born in the Netherlands, (no residence permit yet)

And stating the obvious however yet need the mention, born in the Netherlands, (no residence permit yet), is living with you as part of your family and residing in the Netherlands since birth. A as soon the newborn receives a passport, you can apply for the residence permit for the newborn.

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