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Change of purpose of residence

A change in your situation can be quite difficult in the moment, especially when it no longer provides a validation for the purpose of your stay. Therefore, if your current situation no longer meets the conditions of your current permit, you must apply for a different type of residence permit (change of destination).

However, because you are already staying in the Netherlands, the MVV is not mandatory, the application can be submitted directly to the IND in the Netherlands. There is silver lining through your stay in the Netherlands based on your previous permit.

There are plenty of situations possible. The examples below can give an idea of the changes you may face in the future. However, personal situations are leading for advice on which immigration process is best to follow.

For example, change of purpose can be desirable and/or required if

  • You have graduated from university or HBO and want to stay in the Netherlands to find a job and be eligible for a residence permit for orientation year highly educated people
  • You have graduated, found a job and now qualify as a knowledge migrant
  • You have an Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT) residence permit, but continue to work on a (Dutch) local employment contract and qualify as a knowledge migrant;
  • You have a residence permit as a dependent but found job and qualify as a knowledge migrant and you would like an independent permit.