In order to hire highly skilled migrants, your company must be approved by the IND as a recognized sponsor. Approved sponsorship, or reliable partner of the IND, includes several obligations regarding your company and highly skilled migrant(s):

  • Information requirement
  • Administration and filing obligation
  • Duty of care
  • Return of the employee

Below you can read more information per obligation:

Information requirement
Within 4 weeks the IND must be informed if changes occur which have consequences for the residence permit of the highly skilled migrant or recognition as sponsor. To report these changes, the corresponding IND form must be completed.
You can think of the following changes concerning the highly skilled migrant:

  • He/she is leaving or no longer coming to the Netherlands
  • Income does not meet the salary criteria
  • Is no longer working for your company

The examples below are related to changes regarding the recognized sponsor:

  • Change of contact person within the organization
  • Change of address (must be reported to the IND within 2 weeks)
  • Postponement of payment or bankruptcy
  • Termination of the organization
  • Change of address that has not been reported to the municipality by the expat.

Administration and filing obligation
All information related to the highly skilled migrant should be kept in the company administration for up to 5 years after you are no longer a recognized sponsor for this expat.
You can think of a copy of passport, pay slips, employment contract, proof of registration in the BIG register, proof of salary payment, background declaration, etc.

Duty of Care
As an employer, you have the responsibility to carry out careful recruitment and selection of the highly skilled migrant, as well as any transfer within the organization (Intra Corporate Transfer). You should also inform the expat about admission and residency requirements, among other things.

Return of the employee
As a recognized sponsor, you are responsible for the highly skilled migrant’s timely return, i.e. leaving the Netherlands. Your employee is responsible for her/his own family members.

The IND checks whether you as a company meets the obligations at all times. Is this not the case? Then a warning, an administrative fine or the recognition as sponsor may even be withdrawn.

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