In some cases, your newly hired employee may want to bring a pet with them. But is that allowed?

When importing a dog, cat, or ferret to the Netherlands, a European pet passport must be obtained. This passport is issued by a veterinarian and is valid for the pet’s entire life.
Often, a dog is brought during relocation from another (European) country. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the dog must be microchipped and have a health certificate. The dog is then registered and identified by a veterinarian, and some (repeated) vaccinations may be mandatory. The veterinarian will make notes in the European pet passport.

If your migrant worker is traveling with a different pet to the Netherlands, such as a rabbit, bird, reptile, fish, amphibian, or other small rodents, a health certificate issued by a veterinarian is often sufficient.
For companies relocating employees with pets, it’s crucial to plan ahead and consider all the fundamentals, including vaccinations, pet-friendly housing options, and pet insurance. By doing so, the relocation process can run smoothly, too.

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