Last year, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) issued more warnings and fines to recognized sponsors than the previous year. The IND has increased its enforcement efforts, which will result in consequences for recognized sponsors who do not comply with the rules.

As a recognized sponsor, you have rights and obligations, including a duty of care, administrative obligation, and information obligation. Most fines were imposed because the information obligation was not met. Examples include not meeting the salary standard for highly skilled migrants and not reporting in a timely manner that a highly skilled migrant has left employment.
Additionally, the administrative obligation is often not met, which is concerning. This includes gathering evidence of careful recruitment and selection of highly skilled migrants.

The IND can receive signals and/or reports from third parties about the non-compliance with rights and obligations. Furthermore, the IND can take action after company inspections have been carried out by the Enforcement, Supervision, and Investigation (HTO) department and/or the Dutch Labor Inspectorate (NLA).

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