As soon as a highly skilled migrant’s situation changes, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) will have to be informed. In some cases, this must be taken care of by the employer as the ┬árecognized sponsor, but in many cases the highly skilled migrant is responsible him/herself, also for any consequences.
Below are some examples where a change may affect the right of residence:

  • The residential address changes
  • There is no longer a relationship or family ties
  • Unemployment or occupational disability
  • Income no longer meets the minimum standard amount (IND salary requirement)
  • Changing employers or so-called recognized sponsors
  • A family member has left the Netherlands permanently
  • The highly skilled migrant no longer living together
  • All the conditions of the issued residence permit are no longer met
  • An income support benefit has been applied for
  • The authorization for temporary stay (mvv) is picked up at a different Dutch representation than the one specified.

Do you doubt whether a certain change affects the purpose of stay? Please contact us for details at or 0031 6 823 80 801. Global Relocation Compass is happy to assist in correctly communicating the changes to the IND.