Are you a recognized sponsor with the IND? As an employer, you have several obligations towards the IND and your employee/ highly skilled migrant.

It is important to keep a close watch on whether your highly skilled migrant is still allowed to work and live in the Netherlands. In certain situations, the highly skilled migrant is no longer allowed to stay in the Netherlands. Below are examples of the most common situations:

  • The application has been rejected or the residence permit has been revoked. The expat must leave the Netherlands within 4 weeks.
  • In exceptional situations, the departure deadline may even be 0 days. The country must be left immediately.
  • The highly skilled migrant must leave the country as soon as his/her lawful residence has ended, and no extension has been applied for.
  • In case of voluntary departure (or termination of the residence permit) the employee will have to leave the Netherlands. The stay may continue as long as the permit is valid with a maximum of 3 months.


Our advice is to place a reminder in your system about 2 months prior the expiration date of the residence permit, so that this can be anticipated in time.

Does the highly skilled migrant have to leave the Netherlands? Then it is important to know the reason for this, so that he/she does so in a timely manner. This then involves a number of mandatory administrative actions. Think about handing in the residence permit, deregistering with the municipality, etc.

We can relieve you of these mandatory administrative matters, so that everything is neatly and completely arranged. You are welcome to contact us for the details: or 0031 6 823 80 801.