Moving household goods is a stressful affair. Especially international relocation has a significant impact on the daily life of your highly educated migrant.

Below are some practical tips that contribute to a smooth (overseas) relocation of household goods for your new employee:

  1. Plan early
    It provides peace of mind when all matters are sorted out in a timely manner, so that the relocation planning can be made early.
  1. Choose a moving company – craftsmanship
    Moving requires craftsmanship. Think, for example, of the full customs formalities that need to be arranged during transport by truck, ship or plane.
    Therefore, choose an experienced and reliable moving company that works safely and efficiently.
  1. Inventory possessions
    Making lists of all possessions helps to create an overview. The lists can be divided into goods that will go with the move, sold or given/ thrown away.
  1. Pack possessions carefully
    During transport, possessions can be damaged, so it is important to pack everything well to protect them during the journey.
  1. Consider customs restrictions
    In some countries , there are restrictions on the import of certain goods, such as furniture, electronics, and food. Make sure you are aware of these rules.
  1. Insure the household goods
    It is wise to take out insurance for the household goods against loss or damage during the relocation.
  1. Inform about the new location
    Make sure that the local rules, laws, and customs in the new location are familiar to the knowledge migrant. This contributes to feeling at home more quickly.

Importing household goods tax-free
When a highly skilled migrant moves to the Netherlands from a country outside the European Union, they can claim tax-free import of household goods. This can be requested from Customs if all conditions are met. The hired moving company can request this exemption code with an import declaration, so that the household goods can be imported tax-free.

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