From 22 July 2022, a highly skilled migrant who is not required to have a provisional residence permit (MVV) can already start working when the residence document is not ready yet. However, the notification (in Dutch: kennisgeving) you received must say so and it is only allowed for up to 4 months. A Residence Endorsement sticker (in Dutch: verblijfsaantekening or VA-sticker) is not needed. Is the highly skilled migrant waiting for a residence document after granted extension of the residence permit? Then he or she can continue to work with the expired residence document. This leniency will apply until at least 22 January 2023.

Make appointment within 2 weeks

The highly skilled migrant must, however, make an appointment to collect the residence document or have their biometric data taken as soon as possible, in any case within 2 weeks after receipt of the notification. Make sure that you are able to show the notification and an appointment confirmation when asked for this (and if applicable the expired residence document).

Highly skilled migrants who are coming to the Netherlands with an MVV were already allowed to work while waiting for the residence document. However, this is on condition that the employment agreement based on which the MVV and right of residence have been granted has already become effective.