In Global Mobility, we are used to changes. Some changes may not yet be fully understood in practice, but we learn from them. HR is an important partner of Global Mobility, and changes are also taking place there that require attention. Companies not only employ expats who must comply with different rules, but also local employees who require just as much care and attention. They may have a different starting position for the upcoming changes.

Some changes will take place soon, and it is advisable to check whether your local employees are also well taken care of. Normally, changes in laws and regulations take effect on January 1st, but as of July 1st, 2023, changes will also be in effect, such as:

  • The period of wage payment during illness of an AOW beneficiary is reduced from thirteen to six weeks;
  • The minimum wages. As of January 1st, 2024, the minimum hourly wage will be introduced;
  • Making the company doctor leading in the RIV test;
  • The implementation of the Whistleblowers Protection Act – internal reporting procedures for (suspected) irregularities must be adapted to the new requirements.

We are still waiting for the implementation of the Right to Work Act, which brings important and interesting changes for companies. However, as of July 1st, 2023, there will be no shift from working to residing country regarding social security when working from home.

However, there are many more issues that need to be discussed, both internationally and nationally, that are causing us headaches.
To ensure that these changes do not get pushed to the background due to busyness and lack of time, it is wise to now look at which employees these changes apply to.

If your company wants to provide extra care, time and attention to all your employees to ensure the quality your company desires, we are ready to provide advice and offer our well-known extra pair of hands.

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