Did you hire a highly skilled migrant, and will he/she arrive in the Netherlands soon? Then there are a few obligations that must be met during their stay. Below is an overview of what needs to be arranged within a certain period:

Registration municipality
If someone has never lived in the Netherlands before, the expat is normally registered within 5 days of arrival in the basic register of the municipality where he / she will live. Registration automatically generates a citizen service number (BSN) that is unique and will remain forever connected to him/her.

Health care
The Dutch health insurance needs to be activated within 3 months after the start date of the employment contract. This health insurance can be applied for with a residential address and BSN. The health insurance will then be activated retroactively as of the start or arrival date.

30% tax ruling
If there is a possibility of applying the 30% rule, the Dutch tax office will have to receive this application within 4 months. Only then, this tax benefit can be used per the first working day. The 30% tax ruling is an allowance (tax-free allowance) for employees recruited from abroad and serves as compensation for the costs they incur to come and work in the Netherlands. A maximum of 30% of the salary may be paid tax-free. The company does not have to pay employer premiums on that tax-free portion. The highly skilled migrant does not pay any taxes on this amount either, leaving a higher net salary at the end of the month.

Bank account
It is wise to also open a Dutch bank account. This is useful not only for the credits and debits of Dutch items such as salary, insurance, rent, but also for the ease of use of a debit card. A credit card is not widely accepted in the Netherlands as a means of payment for small daily transactions. The debit card, however, is accepted everywhere in the Netherlands and it is impossible to imagine our daily lives without it.

In certain countries tuberculosis is still common, however, in the Netherlands virtually non-existent. That is why it is stipulated that the work and residence permit will only be issued under the explicit condition that within 3 months after issuance of the document (arrival in the Netherlands) the knowledge migrant undergoes a TB examination. Again, there is an exception to this; certain countries are exempt from this TB examination.

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