Good employership is of great importance when hiring highly educated migrants and/or expats, as the new employee must legally reside in the Netherlands and ideally benefit from tax advantages. The term “good employership” is often used in a broad sense, but in short, it means that the company takes good care of the employee and follows the law and regulations. On the other hand, the employee is expected to behave as a good employee.

Good employership consists of 6 principles:

  1. Be careful
    As an employer, you must behave carefully, which can be divided into 3 parts: investigation duty (which relevant facts and interests play a role), consultation duty (discussing significant decisions and addressing any objections), and proportionality (considering the interests of both the employer and the employee).
  1. Do not abuse your position
    Employees should not feel like they are at the mercy of the organization.
  1. Treat employees equally
    No distinction should be made between employees, so treat everyone equally.
  1. Motivate significant decisions
    Significant decisions must be well-founded and substantiated.
  1. Keep promises
    If certain expectations are created, as an employer, you should fulfil them.
  1. Ensure adequate insurance
    Provide good accident insurance, so that damage incurred during work, business trips or activities is covered.

In addition, the obligation to provide education and training is part of the Work and Security Act. This is seen as a supplement to good employership, so that employees receive more education through courses, training or education. The employee has the right to hold the employer accountable if he/she believes that insufficient training is being provided.
The ideal solution for fulfilling the obligation to provide education and training is to use the STAP budget. This makes it easier for employees to benefit from subsidies for education.

Furthermore, having a reputation as a good employer is important. A good reputation can result in the following benefits:

  • Solution for staffing shortage
    If the organization takes good care of its employees, they are more likely to stay longer. They will share their positive experience, which will result in attracting new employees/knowledge migrants earlier.
  • Save on staffing costs
    If employees stay longer, there is no need for replacement. This saves time and costs for recruitment and selection, onboarding, and potential beginner mistakes.
  • More profit for the company
    If you are known as a good employer, customers will notice this, since happy employees make customers happy. Ultimately, happy customers lead to more profit, creating the desired snowball effect.

In short, good employership is important and sometimes unfortunately overlooked. If you have any doubts about your good employership for expats and highly skilled migrants, please contact us. We are happy to discuss the details: or +31 6 823 80 801.