Thanks to globalization, more and more knowledge migrants and expats are moving to the Netherlands. However, the need to learn Dutch seems to be less important for knowledge migrants due to this globalization. Nevertheless, it is still desirable to (partly) master the Dutch language to quickly feel at home in the new country with its new customs. This applies to both the work and private spheres.

In addition, gaining knowledge about the Dutch and their way of doing business is of added value in order to function better in the workplace. Our advice is to have recently hired highly educated talents follow a Dutch language training. During this language training, they not only learn the Dutch language but also the culture, manners, and communication styles. This contributes to finding their way in the Netherlands faster, creating a stronger connection with the country and the employer, which in turn leads to a longer stay in the Netherlands.

In some cases, knowledge of the Dutch language, history, and culture is mandatory. This is part of the integration exam. There are various ways to follow a language training: intensive, flexible, e-learning, classroom, etc. We can advise you on which training best suits your expat and work schedules. Contact us for details at or +316 823 80 801.