Did you import your car during your relocation process to the Netherlands? Or did you recently purchase a car with a Dutch license plate? Then it is likely that it must undergo a mandatory annual inspection, known as the Algemene Periodieke Keuring (APK), to assess its safety for driving on public roads in the Netherlands.

This mandatory technical inspection applies to passenger cars, delivery vans, motorcycles, and trailers. Typically, this inspection is conducted annually, but the frequency may vary depending on the age and type of the vehicle. Passenger cars and delivery vans that are over 3 years old must be inspected every year, while motorcycles and trailers that are over 1 year old also require an inspection. Vehicles that are 50 years old or older are exempt from the mandatory inspection.

If your imported car is subject to the mandatory inspection, you cannot drive it without a valid APK. If you do so, you may be fined by the RDW or the police. Note that insurance companies will not pay out in case of an accident involving an uninspected vehicle.

Therefore, make sure that the new APK is approved before the old one expires. If you do not know when your vehicle’s APK expires, you can check it on the RDW website using its license plate number: https://ovi.rdw.nl/default.aspx

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