Not everyone has experience in hiring highly skilled migrants, which can make it an exciting adventure and not the first choice for a company. However, this is a missed opportunity for the organization itself.

When the required expertise is not available within the Netherlands, it should be a straightforward decision to tap into the pool of candidates known as expats/highly skilled migrants. Attracting highly skilled migrants can help companies remain competitive, stimulate growth, and adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

Below the key benefits that expats bring to the business world:

  • Specialist skills and expertise
    Expats often bring highly specialized skills and expertise that are often scarce in our country. For example, they may possess specialized knowledge in technical, scientific, or engineering fields, making a unique contribution to companies. This promotes innovation, solves complex problems, and stimulates growth.
  • International market knowledge
    In addition to their expertise, expats bring their cultural background and international market knowledge. These insights and perspectives are highly valuable to companies, helping them develop international strategies and enhance their competitiveness on a global level. This enables businesses to better adapt to different markets, customer needs, and other business aspects.
  • Contribution to innovation
    Due to their diverse backgrounds and experiences, expats can offer fresh perspectives, introduce new technologies, and contribute to the development of new products, services, and processes. This innovation strengthens companies’ competitive position by adapting to a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Knowledge transfer
    Highly skilled migrants facilitate knowledge transfer by sharing their expertise and skills with local employees. This can involve building mentor relationships and providing training to colleagues, contributing to the development of a competent and highly skilled local workforce, thereby elevating professional standards.
  • Labor market stimulation
    Highly skilled talents can be a valuable addition to the local workforce, particularly in sectors where highly specialized workers are scarce. By bringing their specific skills and expertise to the table, the demand for high-quality jobs is stimulated, which in turn fosters (local) economic growth.
  • Economic growth
    Expats bring new business ideas and international networks, thereby stimulating entrepreneurship in our country.

The Netherlands is an attractive destination for highly skilled migrants, and we can benefit from their added value in the business world. This group of highly educated and talented individuals substantially contributes to the development of a dynamic and competitive economy.

If you would like to gain more insight into the required procedures and regulations for hiring a highly skilled migrant, we are here to provide step-by-step guidance to ensure a smooth relocation process that complies with all legal requirements. Contact us for more details: or +31 6 823 80 801.