The residence permit for a highly skilled migrant is valid the complete the duration of the employment contract.
If the employment contract is for an indefinite period, the residence permit will be valid for a maximum of 5 years.

The highly skilled migrant is allowed to start working as soon as the application has been approved; this is also referred to as the ‘notification’. The highly skilled migrant is allowed to work without a residence permit for a maximum of 4 months, counting from the start date mentioned on the notification.

It is important that the IND is in possession of the recent biometrics so that a residence card can be made.

Will the residence permit of a highly skilled migrant expire within 3 months? If so, an application for extension must be submitted via the IND.
The highly skilled migrant may continue to work with an expired residence document, but only if the IND has received the extension in time.

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