Attention: from March 1st it is possible to file a tax return for 2022. The return must be filed before May 1st.

If it is filed before April 1st, the Tax Authorities will notify whether the person is owed money or has to pay by July 1st. Submit the tax return on time to prevent a potential fine. In some cases, you will receive a tax return letter. In that case, the return must be filed before the deadline mentioned in the letter. Haven’t received a letter? Check with DigiD via “Mijn Belastingdienst” whether a return still needs to be filed:

A tip: collect all the necessary information in advance to be well prepared for filing the return. Think for example of: BSN, bank account number, salary statement 2022, year overview of payment account/savings account/investments, any received/paid partner alimony, mortgage statement, donations, dividend information, etc.

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