Are you considering hiring an employee with a non-European nationality?
If so, it is wise to apply for recognition as a sponsor for your company. This is a certain status issued by the IND, which makes it easier and quicker for the newest employee to work and live legally in the Netherlands.

Recognized sponsorship can be applied for in 4 categories, with the most interesting option for employers being “employment”.
Under this category, residence permits are applied for with the aim of: work as a highly skilled migrant, work as an employee, seasonal work, learning work, transfer within a company (ICT) or European Blue Card.

Depending on, among other things, your financial health, certain documentation will have to be submitted for the IND application.
In addition, the IND makes a distinction between organizations with a total of more or less than 50 employees. This affects the one-off IND fee. These are paid in advance so that the application is processed by the IND.
The fees for 2022 are € 4212,-. If the company has less than 50 employees, the amount will be lower: € 2105,-.

If your company has healthy financial figures, the IND will normally decide on the application within 3 months.

For further details and assistance, please feel free to contact us.