Are you also ready for the New Year’s dive?
The tradition is to take a cold winter dive on January 1st to celebrate the New Year. Usually, it is not an actual dive, but is running into the sea up to the neck.

Zandvoort was the first place to hold an organized New Year’s dive, in 1960. Since then, many other seaside resorts have followed. This makes the Netherlands the country with the most, New Year’s dives and the largest number of participants.

The Dutch New Year’s dives are sponsored by Unox. Participants receive the well-known orange Unox hat. Did you know that the Unox hat also serves as a safety feature?
If a hat is left in the water, the rescuers jump into action.
Furthermore, Unox also provides “oliebollen” and “snert” (pea soup).

It is a nice experience for highly skilled migrants (and their family members) to join an organized New Year’s dive. Discover the fun, the “snert” and “oliebollen”!

Have fun warming up and diving!