The Netherlands consequently boasts a broad spectrum of flourishing educational standards.
Dutch primary and secondary schools are divided into two categories: Public schools and Special schools.

Public schools
These types of schools are run by the government and have no religious or philosophical affiliation.

Special schools
The most common types are:

  • Religious
  • Montessori: this educational approach revolves around the principle: “help me to do it myself”.
  • De Vrijeschool: it is a holistic educational approach that supports the personal development of each student to help them grow.
  • Dalton: It also encourages students to teach and learn from each other.
  • Jenaplan: students will focus on cooperation, independent learning by doing and shared responsibilities.
  • International schools: it will be an English-language education and students can easily switch to schools in other countries. Most common internationally recognised school certifications are IB and IGCSE.

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