The Netherlands is known worldwide as a cycling country. How fun is it for an expat to explore the area in the typically Dutch way: cycling. The more than 32,000 kilometers of bike paths are excellent for this.

Dutch residents not only cycle for pleasure, but also use their bike as a means of transportation to get from A to B. The flat country and excellent infrastructure are the perfect combination for daily bike use. More and more knowledge migrants are also taking up the challenge and hopping on their bikes for a relaxing bike ride, commuting to work, picking up children from school, and other purposes.

Did you know that there are even more bikes in the Netherlands than residents? There are 23 million bikes!

And here are some more fun facts:

  • During rush hour, there are even more cyclists on the road than cars
  • More than 15 billion kilometers are cycled in the Netherlands each year
  • That’s an average of 888 kilometers per person per year
  • The provinces of Gelderland and North Brabant are the perfect provinces for cycling
  • These two provinces alone have more than 5000 kilometers of bike paths
  • The Netherlands has the largest bike storage facilities in the world
  • There are bike junctions throughout the country, making it ideal for day trips.

Enjoy your cycling and exploration!