DigiD is the Dutch abbreviation for “Digital Identification.” It is an online authentication system used in the Netherlands.
DigiD allows you to show who you are when something is arranged over the Internet. Only organizations that are legally authorized to use citizen service numbers (BSN) use DigiD. These are government organizations (for example, the tax authorities) or organizations with a public function, such as pension funds, health insurers, ministries, and municipalities.

With this DigiD you can log in easily and securely anywhere. Personal data remain well protected. The more complete the DigiD is, the more tasks can be directly handled online. Our advice is to keep your DigiD up to date.

Below are some examples of online services in the Netherlands that you can access using DigiD:

  • Government services: File tax returns, apply for allowances, access personal data from municipalities, Social Insurance Bank, etc.
  • Healthcare: View medical records through the online patient portal, order medication from pharmacies, and schedule appointments with healthcare providers.
  • Educational institutions: Manage student financing, enroll in courses, and access your personal study information.
  • Banking: Some banks offer the option to use DigiD as an additional authentication method for online banking.
  • Pension and benefit services: Access pension information and communicate with benefit agencies.


The DigiD is applied for online and requires a BSN. Within 3 working days after the application, a letter with activation code is sent. This letter is sent to the address at which the person is registered in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). Please note that the activation code must be used within 20 days, otherwise a new DigiD must be requested.
A DigiD can be requested via the website below:


It is possible to give someone else permission to help with e.g., tax returns etc. This can be done with ‘DigiD Machtigen.’ The authorized person logs in with his/her own DigiD and then has access to the data you have authorized.

Need assistance with applying for DigiD? Global Relocation Compass can provide support. Call us at +31 6 823 80 801 or send an email to info@globalRcompass.nl