Are you also planning to celebrate Carnival in the Netherlands this year?
In the coming days, it’s time to take out your best costume and join in on the festivities. Even as an expat, you can immerse yourself in the Carnival madness in several provinces.
Below is a brief overview of the Carnival provinces:
This is the largest Carnival province in the Netherlands, where the “Kuukse elfkroegetocht” is nationally known. Even the names of cities are changed:

  • Den Bosch -> Oeteldonk
  • Tilburg -> Kruikenstad
  • Breda -> Kielegat
  • Eindhoven -> Lampegat

Here too, there is a Carnival culture with many traditions, such as the song festival LVK and the Limburg Carnival song.

This is the third largest Carnival province in the Netherlands, but not everyone celebrates Carnival. Even here, names of cities are transformed into Carnival cities:

  • Nijmegen -> Knotsenburg
  • Doetinchem -> Leutekum

Not in the capital city of Enschede, but in Oldenzaal you can experience the Carnival spectacle to the fullest. Oldenzaal is transformed into Boeskoolstad.

Carnival parades, in particular, are held in Zeeland. And of course, try the infamous Zeeuwse bolussen!

Do you still have no idea where you want to celebrate Carnival? Check out all the activities through the link below: