Today, October 31st, it is Halloween. This festive day is mostly celebrated in Ireland, America, Canada and United Kingdom. In recent years, Halloween has grown in popularity and has also established itself on the continents of Europe, Australia, East Asia and Latin America.

Halloween is a spooky children’s festival, where they dress up scary and ring the doorbell in the dark at Halloween-decorated houses with, for example, (luminous) pumpkins and torches.
For adults, more and more Halloween parties are also organized, such as in Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Amsterdam, etc. This year, you could also participate again in one of the most popular Halloween activities: in Walibi Holland “Halloween Fright Nights”. This amusement park is transformed into a terrifying place where visitors can put their fears to the test:

Halloween is a corruption of the English “All-Hallow-Even” or All Hallows’ Eve. Thousands of years ago, the Celts (Ireland) celebrated New Year’s Eve on October 31st. They believed that spirits of the departed visited their former homes during that night. Today, creepily dressed children are a symbol of those wandering souls. Irish immigrants brought the holiday to America in the 19th century, where it is immensely popular.