The countdown to New Year’s Eve has started, as the last few hours of 2022 are ticking away!
The Dutch New Year’s Eve is mostly about socializing with family and/or friends and various activities. Where some have a game night with “oliebollen” (Dutch specialty),  apple turnovers/fritters and champagne, others watch the New Year’s Eve conference, others go to an organized party or take a winter hike.

Fireworks take centre stage at New Year’s Eve, and several municipalities organize firework shows for their residents. It is also a Dutch tradition to set off fireworks yourself, and even carbide shooting is still common in the north and east of the Netherlands.

Of course, we are not missing out on the Champagne when sliding into the new year, with people wishing each other all the best for 2023.

On behalf of Global Relocation Compass, we wish you a cosy New Years’ Eve. Make it a great night, one to remember!