Today, autumn officially began!
For meteorologists, autumn has already started for a while, as of September 1.
Around September 23, the sun is exactly above the equator, making both day and night the same length everywhere on Earth. Hence, astronomical autumn begins on September 23.

During the autumn season, the colours of most trees change: from fresh green to golden yellow and reddish brown. As the season progresses, the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature drops. Although the days get shorter and the temperature drops, autumn can often still surprise us with warm days, or an Indian summer.

In addition to saying goodbye to green nature, summertime is also exchanged for wintertime. This happens on the last weekend of October on the night from Saturday to Sunday around 2 a.m., giving you an extra hour of sleep.

And a fun fact:
“Autumn” is considered one of the most difficult rhyming words in the Dutch language.